Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) Dubai is one of the oldest and largest representative organizations of Indian businessmen and professionals. As of March 2018, the Council has over 1000 members. Established in 2003, we are the only Indian business council recognized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are a not-for-profit membership based organization, under the patronage of the Hon. Ambassador of India to the UAE and the Hon. Consul General of India.


To be a credible and valued business council for the Indian Businessmen professional and their counterparts in the UAE.


To be a catalyst in the growth of bilateral trade and investment relationships between India and the UAE by holding such events and activities as would enhance the benefits to our members and to the business communities in the UAE and their counterparts in India.


  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Good Governance
  • Credibility
  • Community Social Responsibility


  • To promote economic co-operation including trade, investments and other economic/financial flows between the U.A.E. and India.
  • To promote business relationships and to strengthen co-operation between U.A.E. National businessmen and companies with their resident expatriate Indian businessmen, Indian professionals, and Indian-owned (partly or wholly) entities; — as well as their counterparts in India.
  • To provide opportunities for Indian businessmen and professionals to meet on a regular basis and to act as a unified forum for the exchange of information; relating to current or prospective business flows &/ professional opportunities in the U.A.E.
  • To support organizations in the U.A.E. and India that are dedicated to the development of international trade and investment flows in both directions.
  • To make suggestions and/ representations to the Government authorities in the UAE and India on matters of policies and procedures pertaining to investments, business, professional and all related activities.
  • To co-ordinate and/or affiliate with other organizations in the UAE, India and elsewhere; with similar objectives — to enable exchange of information and to work collectively towards enhanced commerce industry and investments.
  • To publish/circulate amongst Members and the public and such related media, such relevant reports and/or other literature, as well as, publish — in authorised trade publications, electronic and other media in the U.A.E. and India
  • To engage in humanitarian, relief and philanthropy work for the community as community social responsibility (CSR) initiatives; subject to necessary approvals from the UAE and Indian authorities as may be required.
  • To engage, generally, in such lawful activities as would in the opinion of the Board be necessary to further the Objectives and for the benefit the Indian business and professional community of United Arab Emirates.